What Is The Case Of Cyber Attacks Involving Russia And Estonia About?

Most recently Estonia has sought the help and support of the European Union and Nato to cover Russia from launching cyber attacks.  It was a war memorial in Tallin that be published on websites of state institutions that were brought down just because the demand for the removal of the period of war memorial was refused.  John Negroponte, the United States Deputy Secretary of State gave a statement to the Financial Times voicing out his speculation roughly speaking the supposed increase in cyber attacks in the near adjectives.  Both Ireland and Great Britain affirmed the surmise of the United States and further added that the official websites would be the most exposed and vulnerable to these cyber attacks.  A suggestion was presented surrounded by this regard for commercial sites whose source of income depends upon the amount of time surfers spend online to invest money in order to preclude and retort any sort of sudden and suspicious spikes within traffic as most government and official websites may not be a very stout party to control this menace of cyber attacks.

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