Is There Somewhere To Camp In Milton Keynes?

There are a few places wherein you can camp in Milton Keynes. For instance there is the Caldecotte Project which includes residential mansion and a campsite. The building can be found in open parkland, which is a 24 acre site. It offers 30 bunkrooms for overnight stays along next to a fully equipped kitchen. At the campsite you will find 100 hike tents in addition to further space which is available within another place on the campsite. It offers showers, toilets and some external sinks which have both hot & cold, drinking water.

Some other camp sites in and around the area would include Lovatt Meadow (generally March- December); Emberton Country Park (which is typically open April - October); The Rose & Crown and also The White Horse (which are both Public Houses that are start all year). There is also the Billing Aquadrome (typically from March - October).

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