What Is Another Name Of Ekaterinburg? Where Is It In Russia Map?

In English it has two spellings one is Ekaterinburg which stand for straight transliteration from Russian and the other is Yekaterinburg which is used for correct pronunciation.

Geography and Climate
Ekaterinburg is located on east side of the Ural Mountains near Iset River. It is encircled by small lakes and forests. The winter stays near for 5 months starting from November till the mid April and the temperature may possibly drop to minus 35 to 40 degrees Celsius. In Urals the summer is short and stays for approximately 65 to 70 days with estimated warmth of 20 degrees Celsius. Because of city located on mountain there weather is extremely unstable and weather changes from daylight to day.

History of Ural
Russia was looking for a way to the the deep in the eighteenth century; Peter the Great was construction the first Russian fleet. Still the Urals was renowned for its minerals. Peter the Great sent population to the Urals in order to start establish new factory. In 1720 he sent a captain of artillery, Vasilij Tatischev, as a supervisor of mine plants of the Urals. In 1721 Tatischev decided to make a investigational factory and a town on the Iset River. The new plant-fortress provided its initial production in November of 1723.  Ekaterinburg is located between Europe and Asia border.

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