I Want To Ask How I Can Improve My Game? I Want To Buy A Cue But Dont Know Whitch Is Perfect? Do I Need A Teacher? I Live In Iran And Theres No Education Of Pool.

The game of 8 balls is my only favoirate sport, I am devout at this but still need to practice more, As the materials of this game (such table, cue) are very expensive, I cant buy them myself so I enjoy to practice at clubs.

you are not on your own. many of the stars of pool and snooker came from poor backgrounds and get most of their education in clubs. however, what you might want to try is this. go to the owner of a club and bestow free labour for free table time. emptying ashtrays, brushing up. cleaning tables etc.within exchange he may let you have free table time to practice. there is no substitute for this. nearby are books you can get from libraries on the basics, but practice is essential. if you are patient it wont be long till you bring known locally, and if you start to join teams it will be a accurate way of showing what you can do. best wishes

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