What Do You Know About The Brief History Of Venezuela?

Bolivian Republic of Venezuela is situated as a country of northern part of South America. In the year of 1498 the territory was discovered by the distinguished explorer Christopher Columbus. Alonso de Ojeda, Amerigo Vespucci and Juan de la Coasta traced the coast in the year of 1499. In the year of 1520 the first European settlement was founded by a Spanish missionary. The territory be incorporated in the viceroyalty of the New Granada in the year of 1718. It was made a captaincy nonspecific in the year of 1731.

The people of Venezuela called for their nouns from the Spanish rule in the year of 1811. It was the time of South American independence movement when Venezuelan creoles be led by Francisco de Miranda and Simon Bolivar. But the independence of Venezuela was not confirmed until the year of 1821. From the year of 1830, the country be ruled by military dictators. The dictatorship was overthrown after Marcos Perez in the year of 1958.

In the year of 1961 their first constitution was taken as the origin of democracy. Venezuela is the founder member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries or OPEC. In the year of 1999, a new constitution was taken. In impossible to tell apart year a rainstorm occurred in Venezuela and it killed thousands of population around the area of Caracas. The country experienced great political disorder through its early history. Venezuela is a republic with a unicameral legislature consisting of one cranium for both state and government, who is called the president.

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