Are There Any Good Nightclubs In Reading?


The Ponana nightclub in Duke Street, Reading, holds a student night every monday and there is an event call Zed's Basement, which is held every Thursday and is a Punk, Indie and Alternative night. Friday night has an event call 'Feed The Cat', which is a soul and Old Skool night. Saturday nights consist of various music. Entry costs span from lb2 to lb5 depending what time you choose to attend. The club charges more after 11pm.

Another club is The Fez, in Gun Street, Reading. They hold a rock and indie night on Mondays, an event called 'The Faculty' on Tuesdays for students, live gigs on Wednesdays, DJ's and live gigs on Thursdays, an RnB and hip hop darkness on Fridays and house music on Saturdays. The club is split into three levels, each playing different styles of music. The main salsa floor is situated on the middle floor, with a small floor downstarirs and chill-out areas. The third floor consists of extra seating areas. There is no strict dress code for the club, and the atmosphere is fairly relaxed, resulting surrounded by a more laid back crowd.

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