When Was The First Car Built?

I agree 1896 was the first car built.
It was thought to be the first motor built in 1893 but henry ford built an actual car in 1896

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What Is A Tug Boat?
A tug boat is used as a mule on the water, towing or pushing barges, assisting in the docking of ships at a port . Towing dredges and all of the equipment associated next to dredging.

I Have A 1997 Lincoln Town Car. In Order To Get My Front Rotors Turned,...
Www.lincolnonline.com go on tech site and under Town Car you will find (90 and onward TC front tiller bearing/brake pad/rotor) hope this helps good day to you.

How Do You Get The Engine Warning Light Out On A 2005 Silverado, I...
Ok i''ve reset the oil warning light I've checked everything at hand is to check, i was told the engine warning light comes on after so masses miles when new it only has 40000 on it. Try unhooking your...