How To Solve That Open With Option Is Appearing?

When i double the drives in my computer. Open with option is appearing. How to solve that. When i right click and click explore the drive is debut. There is no auto.inf is inside. There is some virus problem. It is HDD. It has two partition C and D

Buddy, there is a virus issue contained by your computer. If you want I can tell you in brief.

Fahd Hussain
Hardware and software specialist
Gemteks International
Comment: lol how can you be sure that its a virus? he/she hasn't said if its a cd/dvd or HDD problem fool!
Answer: The problem is with the mouse settings. The primary and lower buttons have been switched. Go to control panel>mouse and uncheck the box of 'Switch Primary and Secondary Buttons' and your problem will be solved.
Are you talking in the order of the CD/DVD drives or your hard disk drives?

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