Is It Better To Show My Artwork On My MySpace Profile Or Should I Just Give A Link To My Website?

Putting your artwork on your profile is a good idea. People will visit your profile and without delay see your work, meaning that it will catch their attention straight away.

Having a link is also a flawless idea, but it won't capture the attention of your profile visitors as much as including the artwork on your page will. You want to impress ethnic group with your art, and allowing them to see it straight away rather than providing a link is a moral idea.

Alternatively, you could use a piece of your art as your background and provide a link to your website as all right. This will at least give people a partiality of your work, and if they like your background enough afterwards they will want to click on the link to your website to view more of your work.

Also, if you encourage your people enough, they can visit your website and leave plenty of feedback within your guestbook, if you have one.

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