Does Violence Ever Erupt At Speakers Corne In Hyde Parkr?

The speaker's corner is an area in Hyde Park, London within where on earth free speech is allowed and any person can talk on almost any topic without the apprehension of being prosecuted; anyone can stand in the place and talk or bestow a speech. The topics could be quite controversial and/or sacred ones such as government policies or religion. Such controversial topics can sure set up heated arguments and the audience breaking up into groups within support of their own ideals. Such topics can give rise to violence.

Alongside speakers, there are Hecklers who badger the speakers with impertinent questions. Some speakers as resourcefully as hecklers are quite rude and ruthless with their freedom of speech and these does give rise to furious fight leading to violence in extreme situations. In recent bygone, there have been such fight due to hecklers harassing Muslim Imams and the public retaliating against such remarks. There was enough concern about these brutal acts to make the government consider law that may restrict speech about religion.

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