Can Any One Please Tell Me Something About The Layer Of OSI Model That Is Used To Transfer A Stream Of Bits?

This all is done by the physical layer of the OSI model. It transports a stream of bits (in the form of a signal) from the sender to the receiver. The verbs is node-to-node, from one node to the next. The physical layer of the two neighboring nodes supplies a logical pipe through which the bits can take a trip. The logical pipe beneath the physical band is transmission media that can either be a cable or nouns. Since a transmission medium may not carry bits, we require symbolizing the bits by a signal, electromagnetic force that can propagate through a medium. Though the transmission medium determines the upper impede of the data rate, the physical layer is the controller.

The design of the physical layer hardware and software determine the background rate. The timing of the bit transfer is crucial in data communications. The physical section governs the synchronization of bits by providing clocking mechanisms that control both the sender and the receiver. The physical vein by using different techniques also provides multiplexing. Although the medium itself is not actually changed, the result is several channel instead of one. Switching in data communications can be done in several layer. We have:
Circuit switching.
Packet switching.
Message switching.

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