How Many Goals Did Alan Shearer Score In His Career?

Legendary footballer Alan Shearer broke numerous goal scoring records during his playing career, which started as a 15-year-old schoolboy at Southampton FC surrounded by 1986 and finished twenty years later, in 2006, when he retired from his beloved Newcastle FC.

Alan Shearer scored 422 goal in his career at club and international level.  During his craft he averaged 25 goals a season, which is prolific by anyone's standards!  On his full debut for Southampton he scored a hat.-trick against Arsenal, earn rave reviews and setting him on the road to international stardom.

Overall, he scored 23 goals for Southampton, 112 goal for Blackburn Rovers, 148 goals for Newcastle, 13 goals for England Under-21 and 30 goals for the full England troop.

Shearer's goal scoring record is better than one goal surrounded by two games and his return of 30 goals from 63 caps means that he stands fifth within the all-time England goalscorers chart, along with Nat Lofthouse and Tom Finney.

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