[NASCAR Trivia] Can You Name Every Piece Of Safety Equipment That NASCAR Requires All Drivers To Wear During A Race?

Fire suit, Hans Device, Gloves, Full Face Helmet, Belt restraints, and shoes, unless you are Dave Marcus, then you can wear wing tips... :0)
Also, they have to wear a smile for the cameras. Hehehe
Comment: And the hutchins device & fireproof booties over their red shoesies...lol
Answer: Don't think i can "Stoli" get in the way, i don't know if Todd Helton, or Robbie Pemberton, can answer
that question, ever catch sight of how Todd Helton looks like he has Mafia ties ?
Comment: U & ur stoli...u make me chortle constantly lovie...come on & give it a try...there aren't that many my friend, really!

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