Where Do Certain Golf Clubs Go In The Bag?

I do not know how or where to position golf clubs in the golf bag.

There is no "set" method of having your golf clubs in your bag, a moment ago whatever feels comfortable to you (if you are having to convey it) and a layout that minimises damage to your club heads while carrying it i.e. - minimal "banging" together.

A rough layout though could be as follows:

Back (when the strap on the bag is)
- woods, putter

- long irons

- short irons, wedge

Hope that helps!
Comment: I think I just found out what I am looking for after spending seriously time surfing the net. I am very happy to post my comment surrounded by this blog. I gathered lot of information from this site. Nice blog.
callaway x
Answer: Thank you for your interest in my inquiry.

I tried your suggestion and it makes sense. Will use your set up. Now to swot up how to play golf.......LOL

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