I Am A Swimmer And I'm Falling Out Of Love With The Sport. I Mean All Of The Early Mornings Keep Me So Tired. How Do I Tell My Swim Coach That I'm Thinking About Quitting?

I'm finding swimming training so hard and everyone expects so much from me.I'm thinking about quitting but I don't know what to do?

Well its all your ruling. If you think that swimming is effecting your studies and your daily routine then you can simple transmit the coach that swimming is effecting your studies and that is why you are lacking behind and want to dispense time to your studies.

But if you think that's not the case then i will say-so "DON'T QUIT". If you are a good swimmer then people want best from you. It is colloquial thing that people do expect good from populace who are best, they wont expect them backing off. They want to see them higher and highly developed. Do you think that it is good for you to Quit when you know that you can do good, merely because you are afraid of people who are having high hopes for you. If they own hopes then that means you have a inactive. Show that latent to all..

Best of luck.

Comment: thanks for your assistance.I'm still debating
Answer: Just do it OK OK.

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