What Kind Of Special Features Do You Get On A DVD?


The amount of features you get varies from DVD to DVD. Some just enjoy basic features such as actor biographies and galleries, whilst others might own lots of features to choose from.

Sometimes, DVDs can be released, and only have basic features, but next be re-released later with lots of features. This may be to give the filmmakers time to compose adjectives the extra information so that they can add it to an extended version of the DVD later on. Two version of a DVD can be released at the same time, so that people who are not bothered about seeing the extra features can lately buy the basic one instead and save money.

The usual features that a DVD has include commentaries, delete scenes, interviews with the cast and filmmakers, down the scenes, interactive games, concept art  (usually with fantasy films), easter eggs (hidden bonus content), scene selection, outtakes, galleries and much more.

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