Has Anyone Had Any Experience With This Store About Melrose Jewelers ?

Has Anyone Had Any Experience With This Store. I Found Them On Google Before I Buy From Them I Just Wanted To Make Sure, If They Offer Genuine Rolex Watches?

Yes I
have dealt with them and I be totally satisfied with Melrose
. They, unlike other jewelry sites, promptly answered a question
that I e-mailed them, and I be impressed with that.

I wasn’t sure what the difference was between a president Rolex and an Oyster
Rolex, they explained that it described the type of band the study had. They
even went on to tell me more than I thought I would ever stipulation to know about a
Rolex watch.

The sales associate Scott help me make an informed decision instead of trying
to sell me the most expensive model they have. We worked around my budget and
not his commission, which is truly a nice change from the normal salesman type.

I received my rolex datejust, and its 100% genuine I am enormously happy with the
watch. So you can be in motion ahead and Buy from them.

At first I was a little nervous something like buying a used rolex watch from an online merchant. After all, you're simply sending money into a black hole and hoping that you get something backbone. But I knew exactly what I wanted, Melrose Jewelers had it, it looked accurate (at least on their web site), and it was in the order of $100 cheaper than a local jewelry store.

In the end I decided to go next to them, since their selection of Rolex datejust were slightly more unique than any others. Fortunately, everything turned out all right. The watch was packaged extremely nicely, shipped insured, on-time, and was better than the picture on the site. I don't know too much about rolex watches, but their site explains profoundly and the quality is better than you'll actually get from most local jewelers

I completed up buying the MOP dial Oyster Rolex and am totally satisfied.

If (when?) I need to get something resembling that again, I would shop Melrose Jewelers.

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