On A DVD, What Is A Commentary?


A commentary on a DVD is where the director talks the audience through the film, explaining how convinced scenes were dealt next to and how they feel the scene turned out. Commentaries can either be by just the shape of the film, just by the director, or by both. If the DVD is of a program/film that was released on a while ago, afterwards the commentary may consist of the cast reminiscing upon the time when it was filmed, and also their feelings of the other actors.  

If the film is an adaptation of a book, consequently the commentary could involve a contribution from the author of the book. This happens on the 'Series of Unfortunate Events' DVD for example, where Daniel Handler (as Lemony Snicket), gives his picture on the film, along with director Brad Silberling. There is also a commentary with Silberling on his own.

You can choose to own the commentaries on or off. This can be accessed via your DVD menu or your DVD remote.

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