What Do You Have The Most Sandals Or Shoes?

And how many do you have?

Over 100 like my rings but I hold more shoes than sandals
Comment: wow that's a lot
Answer: I have lots and lots of FLIP FLOPS. I don't exactly know how many, but I know own one of every color.
Comment: cool!!
Answer: More sandals than shoes. Go figure, and I live in Northern Illinois where it snows deeply. Peace
Comment: really,?
Answer: I have a lot of shoes and sandals... From April until November all I wear is my Nike flip flops. Through the pseudo-winter here I wear tennis shoes... I enjoy some awesome boots, but its never cold enough here to wear them.
Comment: that's great!!i wear lots of different style and color of sandals/
Answer: I always wear sandals in the summertime, but contained by the winter time I love wearing a nice warm pair of socks and my big boots. Nothing feels better on my foot.

Comment: that's nice!i also wear sandals during the summer

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