1st Year Of The Phone, How Many Digits Were Assigned To Each Phone Number?

In the first year of the phone, it probably didn't make it out of the lab and into people's homes.  Even a few years beyond that, I think that most phones only go point to point connecting only two places.  The innovation came later when they created a switchboard so anyone could phone anyone.  

So a fair question could be "During the first year of a city-wide telephone exchange, how heaps digits were in a phone number?"

The old movies show worker switchboards routing the calls, and callers asking for a number like "Madison five, three two four"  In that overnight case, consider the "Madison" part a single character of the number, but with up to twenty-six permutations.  Each numeric digit beyond that multiplies the total number of possible phones by 10.

Later when they assigned nouns codes, they intentionally limited the second digit in an area code to not anything or one.  This was a method to filter out misdialed numbers, and was recently cast off because they needed the extra digits.

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