What Forms Of Potential Energy Would Be Found In An Apple On A Branch Of A Tree?

It is  only the gravitational notational energy due to attraction of apple to different bodies of universe due to their gravitational fields.

Resolved Questions:
Why Are Carbohydrates Inpormant To Living Organisms?
I need to know why it is important. One answer----Fuel-----For muscle, metabolism,energy,insulin, nutrient intake etc. Etc. It is part of a set of the krebs cycle (biological metabolic cycle in the body)

What Does A Saturated And Unsaturated Solution Mean?
An unsaturated solution is a solution that can completely dissolve the solute added to the solvent and in practice could dissolve more(of the solute, lets use sugar), as long as the sugar is dissolving into solution completely it is unsaturated. If you continue to...

Why Does Tortoise Lays Many Eggs?
Very few baby tortoises reach adulthood due to predators so surrounded by order for their species to survive many ,many eggs must be laid to better their probability of survival.