What's The Name Of The Largest Desert Of The World And Describe It Briefly?

Give breif outlines to describe its main charatersitics, habitant.

The Sahara is word taken from Arabic language, which means "The Great Desert." It is the world's largest hot desert and second largest desert after Antarctica. At over 9,000,000 square kilometers, (3,500,000 sq mi is larger than the 48 contiguous states. The Sahara define the borders of North Africa and has a history that may go back as much as 2.5 million years. It considered equivalent to the United States.

It other has variation in climate. There you Experienced monsoon due to grill in summer because it received more solar isolation n in summer. You can found oasis within Aghaar Mountains.
It has harshest climate of the world. Its heat ranges to 58 C and 136 F and in winter, it could down to -6 C and 22 F. Sahara  is as hot as it be 13000 years ago.
People of the region
Sahara is the place of Berbers, Greeks, Arabs, and sub-Saharan Africans are living from years.
Urban civilization
The Garamantes is the old civilization found at the heart of Sahara, now called as wadi-al-ajal surrounded by Fazzan, Libya. Archaeologists have found eight major towns and many other central settlements in the Garamantes territory.
Domestic animals

Dromedaries and goats found in the region of Sahara where on earth nomadic people use dromedaries for transport. Leiurus quinquestriatus, which is 10 cm long, the monitor lizard, the Vipera ammodytes, ostrich, addax the white antelope, and cheetah found in Niger, Mali, and Chad, African silverbill and black- throated fire finch is a bird also found there.
Botanical framework Abelmoschus,acacia, Acanthopanax, Actinidia, Agave, Allium, Aloe, Arachis, Basella these are all edible plants and shrubs.
The world's largest desert is Sahara desert located at northern Africa which is non-polar. The surface area of Sahara desert is 3.5million mi(sq).

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