How Many Moles Of Sulfate Ions Are Present In 1.0 L Of 0.5 M Li2SO4?

0.5 mol 1.0 mol 3.0 mol Please show me how you arrived at your answer.

1M solution would mean that the solution has one mole of lithium sulfate per liter. However, your solution is 0.5M, which means it have half the amount of moles than the 1M solution. Now, in 1M solution, there is one mole of sulfate (since at hand is only one sulphate in the lithium sulphate molecule - Li2SO4), so in partially this concentration, the moles of sulfate would be 0.5.
So, your answer would be that there are 0.5 moles of sulfate ions present in 1.0 liter of 0.5 molar lithium sulfate solution.

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