I Dont Know What To Do?

My Nephew Has ADHD, My Brother Is Having A Hard Time Beleiving This. He Thinks Their Wrong, Due To Some Of His Sons Behaviors. This Is A Troubled Child, And Im Worried About Both Of Them. Neither Are Handling Well. My nephew has all the systoms of ADHD. My brother has be told that he can give him his medicine during the week and not on weekends. Also for about 4 months, my nephew did very well but now is back to doing some of the same stuff. My brother states he cant pilfer no more and I worry about both of them. I advised him to see their doctor again, and perchance get his meds. Changed. I dont know what to do?

Considering the child is your brothers son, there is really not much you can do about it. You can support your brother and serve out as he asks. ADHD is one of the most misdiagnosed problems today. Some kids may be having problems at school or in the neighborhood. Too lots people simply want to just give them some sort of pills to "fix" it. Let the doctor be the guide and perhaps fix the "root" of the problem which could be one of many things i.e. Learning disability, stress, depression, or simply bad behavior. Whatever the overnight case may be I wish the best for the child.
Good luck to you and your brother.

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