How Many Has Hydrogen Ions In A PH Of 8?

PH value measure the concentration of H+ and OH- ion in a soft or measure the acidity of a solution. If the solution has PH dale less than 7 then it is a acid and if worth is greater than 7 then the solution is basic. At 7 solution is neutral. The formula to find PH meaning is;
pH = C

If PH is 8 then number of hydrogen ions is;

8= –log[H+]

taking anti log on both sides, we get

anti log 8=[ H+]-

[H+]= 1/ anti log 8

[H+]= 1 x 10^-8
Amber22's answer is correct, but please note that her result is the concentration. The cross-question asked how many ions would result from that pH level, but in writ to answer that question you would need to know the volume. If you had the volume you could use avogadro's number (6e-23) to find the number of ions within a solution of that concentration.

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