Is Evolution A Farce?

Evolution has been disproven scientifically time and time again. When responding please don't use a relgious approach state a scientific apporach as to why you agree or disagree.

I resembling to use the horse as the perfect example when I'm into a discussion like this. The earth keep the best records of anyone, and as usual, someone interprets the record in proclaim to have an opinion. If we compare the actual physical bone structure of an animal we have in a minute, and compare it to bones of something we've found in the ground,(the earth's filing cabinet), then we find similarities between the two. When a little skeletal remains are found- each a little different from the others -but with too plentiful similarities, (to be another animal altogether), then we can deduce that the earth's record is showing us that the animal evolved into what we hold now in present times. For, as many times as evolution have been disproved, it has been proven an equal number of times. I will leave your job the interpretation up to you.
Comment: In what ways has it been proven? or are you meaning resembling silverstar pointed out inner species evolution where they adapt to their surroundings but not actually evolve from species to species.
Answer: If we're going to use tiasmeow's explanation for why evolution (as a whole) is a proven reality, then I'll have to disagree.  This argument is only valid for evolution in the species, not species evolving into a separate species.  Of course there is slight evolution every where we look.  For example, large cats own different colors and markings to match their origins.  They had to adapt (evolv)  to survive surrounded by their surroundings, but you won't see a cougar evolve into a wolf.  In fact, tiasmeow actually points out one of the biggest problems evolution has.  We own no fossil proof of one species evolving into another.  Everything points to gradual transformation within each species, but never into another.  You may find several similarities to a horse, but be it a pony, donkey or horse, it's still in the horse kith and kin.  If you don't agree, I challenge you to find an example where fossils have be found where one species evolves into another.  If you can, you may make me a believer.
Comment: This is how I feel something like it as well. I know they haven't found an actual fossil that was evolving. There has be alot of farces involving this though. Did you know that the majority of the evolutionary scientists that actually study this don't belief in species to species evolution. But they do enjoy believe in innerspecies evolution/adaptation.
Answer: I don't understand how you can it has be disproven scientifically...IT IS SCIENCE! It has not been disproven at all.

Tiasmeow give a good example on the horse. If you look it up in a book, or on the internet, or go to a museum, you can see the documentation of the evolution of animals like the horse. You can see the bone structure, teeth, hair etc all leisurely change from distantly related mammals to the horse as we know it today. Alternativley the giraffe. I've seen this example many times too. It starts out as a small, stumpy mammal intake shrubs etc. Under selection pressures it evolves to get taller to exploit more food resources...Eventually to exploit even more vegetation it grows it d¨Ścolletage to reach even the tallest vegetation etc...

Or perhaps Human evolution? This is probably the best example, from apes to humans, or even further stern can be observed. DNA records, Bone structure, dental records, geographical features are all used as proof of evolution. For example we share a full-size amount of DNA with things like reptiles, indeed a very precipitate human foetus even begins to grow primitive gills because we still the DNA for features like this. If you want more similarities, 99% of all the proteins, fat, carbohydrates and other nutrients used by ALL life on earth is created from only 6 elements...There are over 100 other elements on dust...

Now where do you get your evidence from? Show me something to disprove evolution, give me some facts, anything?
Comment: The switch is DNA is not the same and as you know from a science background DNA can change the outcome for everything. But contained by response to you I would like to thank you for enlightening me on your view points and giving me more to study. Yes I had a lacklustre backing for my argument but do concede on the point that it is a theory and you can't fully prove a theory if that make sense. So what I'm saying is I'll agree to disagree with you. Thank you again
Answer: I totally agree with Silverstar.  From everything found "scientifically" to prove  evolution it seem to point more to adaptation within a species.   

Comment: This is a great debate! I love it, so many different opinion and done without frustration or anger. I do want to point out that what i was meaning to reveal roughly speaking the horse was it started out as an animal the size of a small terrier dog and ended up to what we know now. Another example might be the birds. Who would ever believe it started out as a lizard next to a few feathers and more hollow bones than other lizards?

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