Are' Rites Of Passage' Rituals, As Practiced Among Various Ethnic And Spiritual Cultures, Good For Young People?

In popular American culture there are no goal posts to celebrate the pathway of children into Adults, besides a drivers license, and the right to drink and vote. I notice that in cultures that celebrate this passageway, children seem to have and easier time of it.

Of course they have an easier time, they know precisely who and where on earth they are in their society.  The same is true of religious rites of passage, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitsva, Confirmation - those are the ones I'm familiar beside - they indicate passage into adulthood in that religion.  An age of accountability, responsibility.  I guess our melt pot culture would have so many that as a result none are celebrated, or at least not by our society as a integral.  Personally I'd prefer it if we did, even if it wasn't my culture specifically.
Comment: thank you, I have a son who is LDS (mormon) and I have seen him progress up the ranks. These relatives celebrate their children, and include them in every important entity in the church. They clebrate rites of passage, that the children and community appreciate, and their 'worthiness' to ascend to that rank is exceedingly important to them.

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