Can I Propose To My Girlfriend? But The Problem Is That I'm Abroad And I Want To Make A Surprise For Her Because She Really Like That.

Can I get an answer please because I really need that to do it quick?

Is near something she likes or collects?  You might find something like that she would really love and send it to her next to the ring inside and a little hand written note that tell her how much she means to you and how you want to spend the rest of your life surprising her with how much you love her.

Though matrimonial proposals are wonderful in person, even if you are abroad, take home sure that it is something you will smile about when you remember it later with her on anniversaries!  :P

How long enjoy you been with her? Proposing is a serious thing, you should imagine a lot about it. But if you are sure, the best/simplest way to do it is taking her to her predilection "chill out" place, like a beach or something, preferably at night, way of walking, talk a bit, and if possible lie down, until you almost topple asleep, then ask her gently. Trust me, it will work instantly.

Good luck.

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