I Just Met This Guy. He Is My Friends Cousin. We Started Talking A Little On Msn. I Called Him Then He Said He Had To Go Eat And He Would Call Me Back. He Never Called Me Back. But When We Talk It Seems Like He Likes Me. I'm A Little Confused. What To Do?

Ok its like this boys in puberty of course develop keenness to girls trust me i am a boy too.
or hes just scared .

there are symptoms if he like you

for examples:

1 if you go nears him he would turn back/run away

2 if you talk to him he will sometimes stuter or something approaching that.    I hope this answers your problems.
Forget it move on.. Or do something... Tell him some day that u will call him but don't turn up.. Thats it.. If he realize well n good,.. Or else forget it... you get copious such guys on msn n yahoo

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