Why Speedos Are Usually Associated With Gay Males?

Swimmers Wear Speedos To Swim, They Don't Wear These Baggy Knee-high Shorts... Is That To Say All Swimmers Are Gay?!!

I don't think they're all gay.  I've seen some pretty awful looking speedo's on the beach in Florida, being worn by men that are there beside their wives and children.  Most of them needed to go look in a mirror before they departed for the beach, though.
Comment: Don't you think it is true too for the same men wearing these flowing shorts? On the other hand one can always look somewhere else if that sight is unpleasant. I chew over.
Answer: I don't think that they are gay at all.  I am 25 years old I am not gay and I wear one at the coast. However, I don't prance around in them. I wear shorts to the water and take them bad right before I go in. I approaching the way they feel and fit and they don't take so long to dry.
Comment: I ponder it's a package deal.

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