I've Just Applied For A Job I Really Like The Sound Of. Should I Give Up My Current Job, Which I Hate?

I would advise you to stick with your current job until you parkland a new one. It will be easier for you to look for another job if this one you think you love doesn't come through for you.

Being minus money might have an affect on your disposition if you interview for another job. Also if the person who hires for this profession that you think sounds so good would be more impressed with you if you own a job when they talk with you.

It would look fruitless on your resume to up and quit a job without having another one to stir to. That is if you really have to work. If your work only as a supplement income to buy fun things, then I am not sure it really matter.
No. Never give up your current job until you have received the outcome of your interview for the available job you applied for, otherwise you will be stuck with no job if you fail surrounded by your application.

Obviously it will be disappointing for you if you don't get the job that you like the nouns of, but there are other opportunities. Think about why you don't approaching your current job and what you could do to improve things. Obviously you aren't obliged to stay within your current job, but it is a good idea to swing on to it until you definately manage to succeed in finding another one, otherwise you will have no income.

Many general public end up staying in jobs they don't approaching because they have bills to pay and a family to provide for. Obviously you want a fulfilling craft, so by all means apply for jobs which you approaching the sound of, but just don't quit your current one until you succeed in your application!

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