Do We All Love Tigger's Mom?

I think she is nice and thoughtful when she answers your questions. So if you love her too tell me why and if you don't share me why you don't

I love her for a lot of reasons. One being newly what you said and the other is because she jumps up and down and squeals, "Look what I can do"!
Comment: I am so LOL! Great one tam!
Answer: I  anew member from almost week but i loved tiggersmom so quickly i do not know why but i surmise because she is very nice & sweet person and she had drastically kindly way to answer the question attitude me like she telling me do not be afraid my little girl every thing will be ok i reflect she is avery great women & mum   ..... And I am very happy because being her friend ....
And i thank you also chaotic for these idea to flirt your love and respect and we with you to tiggersmom  . GOOD LUCK
Comment: shoot!, now I own that song stuck in my head!

  • Tigger is very special to me

  • cuz she's as busy as a bee

  • jumpin' up and down

  • never lettin' me frown

in good health that's about all I have to articulate about that as Forrest Gump would say...

I love her more than words can say/I wanna be like her sooner or later

Comment: Good one nascar now I have that song stuck in my commander now 2 LOL
Answer: I cant express my Love for her in words. She is an angel, truly an angel. For me she is my life, I cant dream of myself without taking a look at her profile everyday(even If i don't post a shout, I always open hers. Thmpsn, knutters, tamarind's profile whenever I log in). Tigg you are more special later you can even imagine, you are your friends' life.

She has thaw, heart felt answers, when you read an opinion that she has posted contained by a debate, you can really feel that she is standing up for what she believes in. When she answers one of your questions, you know she is answering near an honest answer, and she wants to share your knowledge with you. I grain truly welcomed in blurtit by her.Samiamiam

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