How To Deal With Stress From The Relationship?

Try to have fun and not think about the cynical things
that is happening in the relationship..Try conversation to a friend
about it or talk to your partner about your ambience..

Resolved Questions:
Is Life Short?
Yes, you could say that. You only get it a daylight at a time. You don't know how many of them you will get. If you live each daylight to the fullest, you will get enough. In terms of the time lived by worldly things, no.

My Ex Remarried And Moved Out Of State. I Havent Seen My Two Kids...
Because you are the Biological father and that is the law. If you are paying child support, and would like to enjoy your kids comes visit. Then you need to go to court and see the style guru.

I Think I Fallen Hard For A Guy In Prison What Should I Do?
Omg get over him! Get a guy that is smart and stays legal! Do your homework, some race get in because of being contained by the wrong place at the wrong time and others are in because they are truly criminals,...