Can Someone Talk To Me?

I am bored, talk to me!

Hey,I'll talk to you.So what do you want to talk in the order of?
I'm free  have noting to do and i'm a good listener or e mailer anyway, what's up?

Resolved Questions:
Is Love Necessary For Students?
There are diffrent kkinds of love so it all depends on what love is you talking about but everyone wants someone to love them No i don't believe in that , i am a student too and if u want to be a good student having a boy friend is...

What Does An Air Traffic Controller Earn?
I believe there is a site you can go to to find the approximate wages of certain professions, try as it have a more narrow search, easier than Google as Google has become so wringing, you key in one word and you get 12 page of options.

I Love A Girl Who I Wanna Be Her Boyfriend ,how Should I Process With,...
You should declare that you like that person that you are talking