I Have Been Trying To Get Pregnant And My Last Period Was May 6. When Does My Day Of Ovulation Start And End?

I am trying to get pregnant my period was may 6 i be having sex on my dated ovulation days which are the 16-20 what are my chances of getting pregnant?

I know how you feel! The legitimate guidelines are roughly day 14 i had my period may 5th and own been having sex every couple of days because the sperm can live for 3-5days, however my advice to you is hold sex as often as you can and most importantly enjoy it don't make it a chore because if try too firm you may get stressed out and not produce the correct hormones, i tried too hard 9 years ago and didn't conceive within 3 years or more afterwards met someone else fell in love four months later fell pregnant and again 1 year after that so just relax and find in tune with your body watch out for enlighten tale signs of ovulation which is your vaginal secretions change it become more moist and slippers also like egg white also your body temperature changes so chart these and you should conceive impartially easily if you are fit and healthy. Good Luck
If you have a regular period. (a 28 day cycle) then you ovulate 14 days formerly your period starts. So just count backwards. I know they sell ovulation kit, but i have no idea how much they are.

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