Can You Help?This Question Is Very Difficult For Me To State. I Have Been With My Boyfriend Over 7 Months Since Last Year 08. Once He Asked Me, 'Have You Ever Done Oral Sex To A Guy Before?' I Hesitated And Said 'Yes'. I Thought Being Honest Was A Good Thing.

Now i understand that I should have said 'No'. We have have arguments because he never wanted a girlfriend who had done those kinds of sexual things as he perceives this as dirty, although i lost my virginity to him. Over time, this have got worse and I have trouble trying to have oral sex near him. The last argument was aggressive and i was crying and slamming the door contained by his face. Quick help!

This can be very tough, but you be right in the fact that you told the truth. If your boyfriend doesn't like what you enjoy done in your past thats fine, but when he judges you on it, that isnt right. Your boyfriend should love you for you and know that what you did within the past is in the past. No one is unflawed and if he cant accept the fact that you were a youngster being curious and experimenting, then you should let him travel and find someone who is going to love you for you no matter what you did.
Comment: This really helped thankyou. Me and my boyfriend are ok now. X
Answer:      I agree beside Glambam775. Alright you did something you weren't proud of BUT a good relationship is based on the TRUTH, not a coverup. This is true for everything that you will do in energy. Yes the truth may not be the best thing to do but many more people will respect you more for your honesty than for making something nouns good.
     Always remember-- If a person doesn't want to hear the truth then they should not ask the sound out, they may not like the answer. Conversely, if you want to know then ask the question, but be prepared to be told something you don't want to hear. It's a far better individual that can handle the bitter truth than one that handles only sweet lies.
Comment: Totally right. Thanks you exceedingly much x
Answer: Vicky, if that particular bf really loved you, then he will love you no matter what you own done before.Ok? I guess he just wants to use, misuse, misuse and finally dump you. Leave him. I mean, that is not the end of the world. Is it?nearby are so many people you can choose your friends from. Hope av helped
Comment: Everything is sorted now. We are serious in the order of eachother. Thanks alot luckyspear. X

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