17 And Charged With 1 Count 4th Degree Felony Video Pirating In N.j Can It Be Expunged?

If you were a juvenile at the time your record should be sealed by statute so contact the State Attorneys Office

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How Much Time Do You Get For Robbery?
5 years. Unless they had a gun then its more, the gun alone is 10 years. My boyfriend just got15 for It. It adjectives depends on the type of robbery that took place.

Short Term Rental Nightmare,What Are My Rights?
I live at a "corporate suites" for now over 16 months and have been blamed for things I hold not been guilty of.The resident manager has blamed me for injurious the microwave in my room.The inside roof of the microwave is damaged and she has accuse me of...

How Long Does An Eviction Process Take In Florida And What Is The...
Once they serve you with eviction papers its usually about 2 weeks after that the sheriffs dept will come to help you move but thats after appearing surrounded by court like eviction papers tell you