I Had My Divorce Paper Signed Last Year, But Never Did File Them. Do I Have To Get Them Wrote Up Again?

Sure do, since alot could have changed since then, sorry

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Should Animal Cruelty Be Against The LAW?
ya! If someone goes to jail for killing a police dog, I surmise if someone kills any dog they should go to jail.!! I don't know how general public can even hurt a poor helpless animal.

Where Can I Get Help To Paid My Rent And I Am On Disability?
You can also apply for assistance from the state while getting disability. I hope this helps you out, but if not, you can maybe apply for verve and rental assistance (general assistance). Best of luck to you. I am currently on...

I Am About To Move In To Another Apartment Closer To My Work, Paid...
Over 8 months ago. I have already gotten my deposit back a week after i moved out. Can they still charge me ? I would think not because a inspection should hold been done before returning your deposit, that is...