2 Parties Sign Rental Agreement, Can One Evict The Second For Non Payment?

We moved in together, signing a 2 year contract with the home owner to rent a house. Our verbal agreemnet between us be to split the rent. Last 4 months she has only paid $140, she drinks every daylight (almost) and gets violent, after an argument (She put a pizza with cardboard tray within a pizza oven while drunk) she hit me and got violent. I asked her to get out, to move, she refuse. What can I do? Living in OHIO.

If you both are on the lease then you can't evict her but your landlord can do it. Just relay the landlord that the other party (your friend) is not paying her share. He can then evict her by sending a mind. But you might have to pay the whole rent or keep hold of someone else with you who could pay the half rent. Please read your lease agreement and state decree carefully to know about your rights and eviction process.

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