What Should Garden Paths Be Made Of?

Paths which are also used as driveways need a sub-layer of compacted rubble, a layer of sand and then substantial duty paving materials. However, paths for walking and wheelbarrow access can be paved on compacted soil and a thin five centimetre band of sand. The blocks are then laid on blobs of mortar and levelled. If you are paving up to a building make sure the slabs are laid at lowest 15 centimetres below any damp proof course. Make sure paths are wide ample for your needs. Ideally a wheelbarrow's width as a minimum to help near garden maintenance. Slabs are only one option. Bricks can be used, as can granite setts or cobbles. Gravel path or other loose materials such as slate or crushed shells are easier to lay and cheaper too. Bark makes an attractive rustic path but will become difficult to use in markedly wet weather. The same is true of compacted grit paths where grit is rolled into the top soil surface. Stepping stones across grassed areas can be attractive and easy to lay. Decking is a popular option although it can get slippy within winter and needs regular cleaning.

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