I Would Like To Buy An Outdoor Fireplace To Go Onto My Patio, How Much Do They Cost And Where Can You Get Them From?

Outdoor fireplaces are becoming more and more popular as we spend more time and money on our garden environments.

The outdoor fireplace is used as a great focal point for the outdoors patio area or decking, and can be purchased from frequent hardware stores. Online, you can find quality examples at places like Amazon. Sears have a great test of brand outdoor fireplaces on offer.

Names to look out for on these fireplaces are Char-Broil, BonFire and Sierra. You can pick up a decent outdoor fireplace for about $130.00, although the more sophisticated models can be more approaching $300.00.

In terms of fuelling the fire, some models run on special Jel fuel which doesn't require any mess or extiguishing (you just turn it off at a switch). Others can be fuelled near wood logs or coals - the choice is yours.
I will recommend you to Google the fireplaces or just check out these sites for more help www.familyoutdoorfireplaces.com www.ibuywoodstoves.com www.outdoorfireplace.org

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