What Happens To The Charge On The Capacitor Immediately After The Switch Is Thrown?

The capacitor discharges its stored voltage to quick start a capacitor motor and the starts recharging again

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How Do I Unclog My Shower Head?
Unscrew the head and soak it for a few hours in a bowl of white vinegar or a limescale remover,rinse through and put back. Take past its sell-by date pipe and soak in hot water or try a lime cleaner

Laying Floor Tiles On Floating Floor. Any Suggestion?
Is it good working practice to lay ceramic floor tiles on a floating floor as my builder has advise against as due to movement tiles/grout are likely to crack. I assume you mean laying terracotta tile over a laminate type floor. I would say definitely not unless...

Black Mold Has Invaded Stored Clothing Which Got Wet. It Is Spreading...
The clothes were stored in a trailer in boxes and lower than tarps. Water got in. Black mold has taken over. I've have to toss tons of clothes. I'm trying to salvage some. I've washed them in bleach, also Melaleuca detergent but...