Is It A Problem If I Eat Less Than The Recommended Calorie Allowance Per Day?

To be honest it can be a problem – and it doesn't matter if you are eating too high above it or too low below it.
The maximum recommended calorie intake per year for women is 2000 and for men 2500.  If you eat over the recommended daily calories per day (and do not exercise) consequently you are likely to put on weight.

If you are eating deeply below the RDA of calories per day then you are likely to be losing or be underweight.  If you exercise while drinking a low amount of calories you could do yourself a lot of damage – rapid shipment loss but drop in concentration, energy levels, drop iin broad strength and in severe cases cardiac arrest.

Of course a lot of this depends on how active you are. For example a body builder will munch through a lot more calories in a day but they burn past its sell-by date a lot more during exercise. So if you are a very active being you may find that you need more fuel to run on.
If you are less active later you may find that you don't eat as many calories per day as your body does not enjoy the hunger for the energy.

So the two biggest dangers to you are:
Eating over the amount of calories you need and not exercising
Eating lower than the amount of calories you need and doing exercise.

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