Is He Now Facing The Final Stage? What Should I Expect Next?

I Am Caregiver For 69male Stage 4 Non Small Cell Bil Lung Cancer, He Has Masses On Each Adrenal Gland 10.4 On Right 10.7 On Left Which Left Kidney Was Removed 11 Yrs Ago, Cancer. He Has Had Chemo 6 Treatments IV And Now Tarceva. He Was Given 3moths Live when he started chemo in April 2008 it is now Dec 18. Oncologist at VA is now increasing stomach-ache meds due to discomfort.

Is the gentleman at home,I would think the Dr. Or hospice nurse would keep you abreast of what is going on and what to expect,and when,I'm sure as the caregiver you should be informed so a moment ago ask the Dr. The VA or someone that is giving the medical treatments,hope this will help in some passageway,and may your patient be blessed...  
Comment: Increased medication is a sign that it at least is not getting better and the aching has increased and all they can do is keep him comfortable..

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