How Can I Ask Mom To Put Myself On Birth Control ?

Okay so here's the deal i'm 17 will be 18 in like 7 months i want to be put on birth control so when i prefer to be with some one im safe well im not near any one right now so heres the deal how do i get my mom to pilfer to me the place to get birth control i thoughtAbout using myPeriod as away to get it buTany idea? O if she know why i wanted on themThen she would never let me get on it &wouldFreak?

You're mortal very mature about adjectives of this and should be proud of yourself. You've managed to hold out for far longer than some of the girls on this site and are planning your entry into sexual activity, something your mother should be proud of.

If you were to hold out another 7 months, you wouldn't want her to go with you but if you're intent on sharing this moment with your mother I would approach it within a similar fashion to how you've been behaving.

No raise voices, no fighting, just silence conversation about the fact that you've decided you're going to be sexually involved, that you're planning for your future by avoiding pregnancy and you would appreciate her support through all of this.

If your mum starts shouting, tell her you're not arguing give or take a few this; tell her you want her to play a part in this constituent of your life but that you will soon be able to do this without her if obligation be. Tell her you've been safe until now, opt for no sex until you were 18 and she should be proud of you. I am.

Good luck.

Comment: Wow thank you so much
Answer: Just say hay mom could i get some birth control it shouldn't be that thorny.. Your old anuff to may go and get some your self don't you chew with your dr if you don't wont to ask your mom.but you should at less permit mom no about it..  Good luck.
Well seeing as you are not currently with anyone, I would not suggest taking them. Although mostly safe they still wreak havoc on your hormones. So be lenient, there is no reason to rush things. Besides once you are 18 you can go and return with a prescription yourself.

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