Its Wrong And Very Wrong I Have Stopped So Far A Day I Feel Great Need To Keep Clean But What Can Motivate Me.?

Try to get involved in things and keep describing your self how wrong it is

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My First Ultrasound Said I Was 8wks5days Do You Know When I Mostly...
8weeks and 5 days before the date of your ultrasound! Well according to my calculations it would be in October around the 2o's

Is Shrimp High In Potassium?
No, I do not believe so. Most of a persons potassium usually comes from fruit and vegetables. Things that are high in potassium include bananas, potatoes, and kiwi are unbelievably high in potassium.

Is There A Difference Between Liquid Methadone And Pill Form Methadone...
I go to a methadone clinic and we used to have pill form methadone and recently switched over to gooey. They say liquid is better but I had to up my dose 30mg more and i still perceive like crap but afraid to...