I'm 2 Weeks Late, Did A Home Test This Morning And It Was Negative But I'm Showing Small Signs; Could I Be Pregnant? Can Home Tests Be Wrong?

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Yes, all test could give a false unenthusiastic or positive. You should double check any results. If you get two of the same readings , you are can be assured that it is correct because the HPT that you can buy contained by the stores are more sensitive than the ones that most doctors often use.
Home tests can indeed be wrong, although it is more likely to own an incorrect negative HPT when in fact you truly are pregnant. The solitary way to determine this for sure is to test on morning urine (dipstick most effective) roughly ten days and after your missed period. Obviously in that is ease of mind with several tests giving matching reading, but it is also advisable to go to your doctor and request for HCG (Human Chlorionic Gonadtopin) levels which is the ultimate diagnostic tool for determining pregnancy. Well, that and ultrasound - but that will come to pass afterwards is your result is positive:L

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