I Had A Miscarriage On The 29th Of Oct I Bled For About 8 Days Now I'M Not Sure When Im Due On Or Whether Its Different After A Miscarriage If It Takes Longer ? Thanks.

I have had 7 miscarriages.  1 being an ectopic.  I own endometriosis.  So any questions ask me.  I am an expert at this subject.  Sad though?  First of all I am sorry for your loss.   Miscarriages are very knotty to move on from.  Its just like have a baby after you have a baby if you enjoy ever had one.  You should start your period and have regular cycles going on for 4 weeks after you have a miscarriage and usually stop bleeding.  If you have had unprotected intercourse since and you miss your cycle you could be pregnant.  It is much easier to win pregnant once you have had a miscarriage.  You should wait at tiniest one normal cycle though before trying to get pregnant again so you own a lower chance at suffering another miscarriage.  Some doctors recommends waiting months but it is usally recommended at least once cycle.  Any other question give me a shout.  Just click on my pic/aviater and leave a shout in my box.

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