I Have Bipoller But I Think That My Girlfriend Has It Too But Never Have Been Tested For It, She Has No Money, How Can She Get Tested For It Before Some Thing Happens To Her And What Can I Do?

I need to get my wife tested but she doesn't have adequate money how can i help her?

Hi royce. First of all, i have to agree near sagizanne (above) on a couple of points. It's unfortunate, but sometimes psychiatry and the ensuing med prescriptions is big business instead of being ethically nouns and altruistically helping people who truly need it. Bipolar disorder is a too freely diagnosed mental illness. I propose, everybody's got their mood swings, degreeably, right? Too often, one visits a psychiatrist near 'symptoms' such as rage, maybe sudden crying spurts, mild or moderate depression for a few days, or such. The doctor spouts out "well, you're bipolar". The next point you know is you're a guinea pig for a few pharmaceutical companies, walking around half-dazed in a medicinal stupor. Sad but true. On the other hand, there are society out there who do need professional help who don't ever take it. Again, sad but true.

I have bipolar disorder. I suffered moderate symptoms fairly regularly and a few times severe symptoms. I transport two meds daily and one prn (as needed). My life has changed dramatically over the years since i've be on my meds. And i was fortunate enough not to have have to try a million different meds to get to the right ones. I thank God for them and my wonderful doctor.

You say that she needs to be tested. Let me ask you, why do you consider that? Is she exhibiting obvious and regular symptoms? Does she want to look into it herself? If she needs professional assistance and wants to pursue it but have no money (or insurance?), there are ways to deal with that. There's SSI or county sustain available, for instance. You can always call your local mental health department and present your problem to them and see what they can do for you. I can give you three websites to check out that might be able to offer you more information. 1) nimh.nih.org 2) samhsa.gov 3) nami.org. Oh, and one finishing thing. If and when you do find a psychiatrist for her don't stand on their diagnosis alone. Please get a second opinion. If they agree on the diagnosis consequently you can go from there. Best wishes to you and her.
Aw, the labels we love to put on ourselves.  In my judgment, and Carl Jung's opinion, no one is normal.  We may hold bipolar, but as long as we can keep down jobs, and function in society, we are okay.  It is singular when a person's mental illness keeps them from being functioning that in that is a problem.  I met a lawyer, who is now a developer, who suffers from bipolar.  For years it went undiagnosed because he only just seemed to have erratic mood swings, but was still competent to function.  The only time one should be concerned is when they go for days without sleep and cannot function.  Then again, copious people are very successful due to their illness.  Come on folks, you can't communicate me that Drew Barrymore is not bipolar, she even describes her behaviour which totally matches it, but can still function.  Many people near mental illness  are sometimes above the norm.  For Instance, Kurt Vaughnigaut, who produced Mobey Dick and several other films suffered from schyzophrenia.   Look at hollywood, Morten Downey Jr. Bi Polar, etc. Etc.  You can still have a full meaningfull life, and sometimes its' the drugs that doctors give that puch those over the edge.  Carl Jung says, define commonplace!!

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