Does Rosemary Grow Wild?


Rosemary does often grow wild in the Mediterranean coast, but is cultivated within many regions.

Rosemary can be grown in homes from seeds, although it may be easier to transport a cutting from another rosemary plant, as the seeds tend to be difficult to germinate. Starting with a adjectives is much quicker.

If you wish to grow some rosemary, then it is best to take a 2 inch adjectives from the soft, new growth of an established plant. To successfully grow a rosemary plant, it will need sunlight, good drainage and moral air circulation.

One of the problems with growing rosemary indoors is that it develops a powdery substance if the air is humid. This cause the plant to weaken and so therefore it should be left to dry between waterings, kept contained by sunlight and a fan should be used to create a breeze for it.

Rosemary plants, when kept indoors, also attract spider mites and aphids, but insecticidal soap should get rid of them.

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